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10% of VIVACY’s revenue is invested in research every year.
10 years of engagement in research and innovations.
1st priority is quality and safety of the products.
x11 the production capacity in 8 years.
2 Patented Technologies: IPN-Like, Bi-SOFT®*.
6 million treatments done in the world**.


All VIVACY’s injectable products are designed and developed in the VIVACY’s Research & Development Laboratory, which is entirely dedicated to innovation in the Anti-Ageing and Aesthetics fields.

The Laboratoires VIVACY is always seeking to develop innovative, safe and high-quality injectable products meeting patients’ and doctors’ expectations and needs, in compliance with the European and International medical device regulations.

The R&D, Production, Quality & Regulatory Affairs’ teams work together towards a common goal of making high-end, well tolerated and safe injectable products for the patients.

* IPN-Like Technology Patent delivered WO2009/071697 in 2008 and Bi-SOFT® Technology Patent submitted FR3064489 A1 in 2017.
** 7 millions of syringes sold in the world between 2008 and 31/08/18.

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